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EMBL Heidelberg, Germany – R. Ennay, G. Netics, G. Nome, D. Seez, E. Volushon

from EMBL Conferences and Courses https://ift.tt/2JU7oNM

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EMBO | EMBL Symposia promote scientific communication and collaboration in the European research area. They provide scientists with a platform to discuss and exchange ideas on forward-looking topics and new developments in the life sciences.

Topics emphasise upcoming developments and the interdisciplinary nature of related fields. Jointly funded and organised by EMBO and EMBL – and complementary to their respective courses, workshops, and conference programmes – the symposia promote scientific communication and collaboration. All symposia are held in the EMBL Advanced Training Centre (ATC) in Heidelberg, Germany. EMBO | EMBL Symposia provide a scientific atmosphere to foster communication and collaboration in the sciences. The topics covered are cutting-edge and bring in scientists from diverse disciplines including biology, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, and physics. These symposia are jointly funded and organised by EMBO and EMBL, and are hosted on the EMBL-Heidelberg campus in the new Advanced Training Centre (ATC). These symposia are a great opportunity for young scientists to present their research as posters or talks. There are a number of fellowships available to support outstanding scientists, as well as for scientists from countries that are in need of increased scientific training.