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A Postdoctoral fellowship is available to study intestinal stem cells as part of the Shroyer laboratory at Baylor College of Medicine. The overall goal of the project is to understand what controls quiescence and plasticity within the intestinal stem cell niche. The project will involve use of genetically engineered mouse models, 3-dimensional human and mouse organoids, cell culture, molecular biology, and chromatin binding assays. For more background information about this project, please see our recent publication, ‘SPDEF induces quiescence of colorectal cancer cells by changing the transcriptional targets of beta- catenin’ by Lo et al., Gastroenterology 2017 153:205. Design and perform experiments. Analyze experimental data . Prepare manuscripts in collaboration with members of the Shroyer laboratory and collaborators at other institutions. Attendance and presentation of data at one or more international conferences per year is expected. Required:  PhD or MD with prior wet lab experience. Prior primary research publications. At least one first-author research publication (or article in press). Preferred: Demonstrate the potential and commitment to seek grant funding under the mentorship of Dr. Shroyer. Enthusiastic scientists, self-motivated, and independent thinkers.