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Buck Institute for Research on Aging Careers – Postdoctoral Fellow – Schilling lab

Postdoctoral Fellow – Schilling lab

Postdoc  Novato, California


Our success will ultimately change healthcare. At the Buck, we aim to end the threat of age-related diseases for this and future generations by bringing together the most capable and passionate scientists from a broad range of disciplines to identify and impede the ways in which we age. We are an independent, nonprofit institution located in Marin County, CA, with the goal of increasing human healthspan, or the healthy years of life. Globally recognized as the pioneer and leader in efforts to target aging—the number one risk factor for diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, macular degeneration, heart disease, and diabetes—the Buck seeks to help people live better longer. Learn more at:

The Schilling Laboratory at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow to participate in innovative research aimed at understanding the biological and chemical processes that are common to both age-related diseases and aging. The qualified applicant will work with cutting edge technologies in liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. Located in Novato, California, 30 miles North of San Francisco, the Buck Institute offers a rich scientific environment with renowned scientists in the field of aging research.  Employees receive a competitive benefits package.

Potential projects involve the following Research Fields:

  • Dynamic role of posttranslational modifications – acylation, phosphorylation
  • Discovery proteomics, protein quantification
  • HPLC-MS, mass spectrometry
  • Muscle atrophy and the role of posttranslational modifications, protein turnover
  • Biomarkers of Aging
  • Many projects are directly related to neurodegenerative diseases, proteostasis, metabolism, role of sirtuins


  • PhD in Biology, Chemistry, or other related fields
  • Experience in independently operating MS instrumentation
  • Experience in Data Processing

To be considered, please apply online and submit your CV plus a PDF document that includes a summary of research interests and the names and phone numbers of three references.

Source: Buck Institute for Research on Aging Careers – Postdoctoral Fellow – Schilling lab

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