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Reporting to General Counsel, this role is responsible for managing internal activities related to legal, regulatory and corporate governance aspects of TSRI. Will manage preparation of materials for and attend TSRI Board of Directors meetings and Board Committee meetings. This position will also be involved in day-to-day legal and litigation matters under direction of the General Counsel and will provide support to the TSRI legal department and internal compliance function as needed.
• Manage communications between the Legal department and TSRI’s Executive Office, Finance, Communications, Research, and Philanthropy departments.
• Manage preparation of materials for Board of Director and Board Committee meetings, including preparing Board and Committee resolutions, executive summaries, and other related documents.
• Attend Board and Committee meetings as Recording Secretary, and compile/maintain Board minutes.
• Maintain Board-related records and corporate governance documents.
• Work with internal and external legal counsel, executive management, and Board of Directors in conjunction with Board and Committee meetings.
• Provide support for corporate transactions and governance matters; preparing and filing documents with various government and regulatory bodies as needed.
• Work with the TSRI Conflicts Review Officer in evaluating, maintaining and tracking TSRI Director Conflicts of Interest disclosures.
• Research and understand state and federal rules, laws and regulations related to corporate governance to determine the effect on TSRI; assist with the design and implementation of policies and procedures to enhance and ensure compliance with various legal requirements.
• Work with the General Counsel and TSRI Legal staff on day-to-day legal and litigation matters; gather, review and produce evidence for discovery and similar legal proceedings.
• Work with internal legal counsel and internal compliance functions to manage responses to compliance audits, and litigation-related requests.
• Contribute to management of compliance-related materials, trainings and reporting; where needed, work with the internal compliance function on drafting and updating TSRI policies, procedures and guidelines.
• Work with internal compliance function to manage the TSRI internal audit function.
• Lead special projects with cross-functional teams as directed by the General Counsel.
• Coordinate invoicing and payment administration for outside counsel and corporate filing expenses.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

Actual title and salary will be determined based on candidate’s experience, education and skill set.

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