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San Francisco, CA, United States


Geli is looking for a Data Engineer to join our team, enhance our tooling, and accelerate our ability to gain insights from our design and run-time cloud platforms. As a Data Engineer, you will build robust ETL pipelines, work on scaling jobs on cloud infrastructure, and create reporting tools to analyze performance. Most importantly, you will be critical in developing the software controls needed to harness the potential of energy storage.


You will work closely with the rest of the analytics and software engineers focusing on these topics:

  • Refining our simulation infrastructure for modeling the operation of energy storage
  • Building tools to monitor, analyze, and gain insights from our storage design platform and our production sites
  • Building dashboards to make analysis accessible and understandable to a diverse audience

Growth Opportunity:

Geli engineering is a flat organization and you will directly report to the VP of Engineering
There are opportunities to lead teams, projects and/or become a scrum master
You will have the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of energy markets
Your Profile

We are looking for a motivated self-starter that thrives in a dynamic start-up environment. A strong work ethic with excellent problem-solving skills are equally important as being a team player who enjoys to learn and teach.

These skills will additionally help you to excel in the position:

  • BS or higher degree with 3+ years of relevant experience
  • Software design experience and ability to write clean, maintainable and shippable production code (Python)
  • Experience maintaining ETLs that operate on a variety of structured and unstructured sources
  • Experience building visualization and analytical tools to extract insights is valuable
  • Ability to setup well-structured databases and write complex SQL queries. Django ORM experience will be helpful
  • Experience with AWS

Bonus Points

Experience in some of these fields will give you a jump start:

-Airflow, Celery
– Docker and Kubernetes
– RabbitMQ, AMQP, Redis, Kafka
– Slack, Bitbucket, Jira, Jenkins
– Knowledge of machine learning algorithms (time series forecasting, clustering algorithms, probabilistic models, supervised and unsupervised learning)

As a member of the team you will have significant influence on the direction of our technology stack.

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