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Caltech is a world-renowned science and engineering institute that marshals some of the world’s brightest minds and most innovative tools to address fundamental scientific questions. We thrive on finding and cultivating talented people who are passionate about what they do. Join us and be a part of the diverse Caltech community. Job Summary We are seeking a dependable and creative individual with scientific knowledge, technical expertise, and outstanding scientific skills in biochemistry, molecular biology, and/or cell biology. The candidate will act as the technology development lead for the lab. In this role, the candidate will work directly with the group leader and other senior staff to set scientific direction and develop new cutting-edge experimental methods and techniques to enable success of the overall scientific mission of the lab. This job will require cutting edge research and technology development in the areas of RNA biology, nuclear structure, chromatin/epigenetics, and cell biology that accelerate the scientific goals of the research lab. These projects will entail development of high risk, but high reward technologies for studying lncRNA-mediated regulation in the nucleus, including gene regulation, chromatin regulation, and nuclear structure. The successful candidate will delegate work to junior staff members as needed, but in all cases will be responsible for designing experiments, setting priorities, and for ensuring project success in a timely fashion. The candidate will work closely to apply developed technologies in specific biological applications with other graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and staff members in the lab. The successful candidate will develop techniques related to, but not limited to, lncRNA purification, protein detection by quantitative mass-spectrometry, protein tagging methods, measuring DNA-RNA-Protein higher-order interactions by high-throughput sequencing, genetic manipulations of lncRNAs, DNA sites, and proteins in mammalian cells, and synthetic construction of mutant lncRNAs. While some techniques may build on previously established protocols, all will require significant protocol development and scientific creativity. The candidate will adapt easily to changing needs and priorities of a fast-paced research environment, facilitate project completion, and address technical issues as they arise and will summarize and present results to the group leader. Job Duties – Designs, executes, and leads challenging projects – Ability to work efficiently and design experiments to evaluate success or failure – Develops new ideas for solving key research challenges – Learns new scientific areas independently through deep consultation with published literature and discussions with other scientists – Attends scientific meetings to learn and incorporate new ideas Basic Qualifications – PhD in biology or related field required – Five plus years of relevant experience – Proven record of success as evidenced by high quality scientific publications – Highly independent and self- driven – Excellent scientific knowledge and ability to independently learn new scientific areas from relevant literature – Excellent communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with all levels of staff, students, and fellows and with external contacts – Excellent organization and time management skills – Excellent technical knowledge and hands-on experience with molecular biology methods and RNA, cell biology, or protein biochemistry techniques required – Ability to handle a variety of tasks simultaneously required – Must be able to use sound judgment to handle a variety of tasks and to shift priorities simultaneously, as well as to effectively solve problems – Ability to solve complex scientific problems – Creativity, curiosity, and the desire, persistence and ability to create technological advances required Preferred Qualifications – At least 3 years postdoctoral experience preferred – Experience with RNA or protein biochemistry techniques a plus – Experience with RNA and/or DNA imaging (FISH or live cell imaging) Required Documents – Resume

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