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Caltech is a world-renowned science and engineering institute that marshals some of the world’s brightest minds and most innovative tools to address fundamental scientific questions. We thrive on finding and cultivating talented people who are passionate about what they do. Join us and be a part of the diverse Caltech community. Job Summary Development of RexPoN reactive force field and of RexPoN Embedded Quantum Mechanics as directed by Prof. William Goddard within the Materials and Process Simulation Center in the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Job Duties – Finish the development of the RexPoN reactive force field – Finish the development of RexPoN Embedded Quantum Mechanics Basic Qualifications – PhD in Chemistry, Physics, Biological Science, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, or a related area, with a strong track record of productivity – Expertise in developing the RexPoN reactive force field – Expertise in developing of RexPoN Embedded Quantum Mechanic – Should be very smart, resourceful, and unafraid to tackle impossible problems Preferred Qualifications – Experience with classical molecular dynamics (MD) simulations with a variety of force fields – Experience with quantum mechanics software, particularly VASP – Experience with the LAMMPS classical molecular dynamics software Required Documents – Resume

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