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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Do you want to challenge yourself by testing not just websites and banking apps, but smart devices and biomedical instruments? Planet Innovation is a mid-size engineering consultancy with a positive, high-achieving work culture, and plenty of opportunities to learn and grow in your testing career.

Planet Innovation is looking for a mid to senior level Software Test Engineer with a flair for
automation. You will work on devices that include software components, from embedded firmware to PC to web applications. These projects are predominantly in the medical device field, ranging from devices that fit in your hand to others the size of a wardrobe. You will work with smart, driven professionals across several disciplines in an agile team. You will specify and carry out the testing work necessary for your team to bring a high-quality product to market, while meeting our Quality Management System expectations.

You will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects in a range of fields, learning and
applying new techniques, assisting software developers in your project team while being supported by the broader software test team. Producing functional, reliable, safe software is critical to both our reputation with clients and the regulatory standards we need to meet, so we highly value your work! This position is available as permanent part-time or full-time. Part-time could be 60-90% FTE over set days or reduced hours each day. It is not available for remote work; candidates must work from our office in Box Hill, Melbourne. We’re excited about embracing the new perspective you will bring to our work.


  • Carry out exploratory and manual testing
  • Create and review formal test documentation, such as test plans, test cases, test reports, bug reports
  • Implement automated tests, and systems to support automated testing
  • Contribute to requirements and risk management processes
  • Guide software engineers in testing practices such as TDD/BDD and improving software testability
  • Support project managers in efficiently and effectively creating high quality products

Essential skills and experience:

  • 2+ years experience in a testing role
  • Comfortable programming in Python
  • Experience with web development and testing basics (knowledge of Git, HTTP, REST APIs, Selenium, CI, Docker)
  • Passion for learning new things in science, engineering and technology
  • Precise, organised and contextual written and spoken communication
  • Experience working in an agile environment
  • Experience across the software development lifecycle
  • Eligible to work permanently in Australia.

Desirable skills and experience:

  • Experience in designing or testing electronics, IoT, firmware or embedded software
  • Software design and development in a QA controlled environment (particularly medical, automotive, defence industries)
  • Working knowledge of regulatory requirements (IEC 62304, ISO 13485)
  • Experience in pytest and BDD.

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What is Python?

Python is one of those rare languages which can claim to be both simple and powerful. You will find yourself pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is to concentrate on the solution to the problem rather than the syntax and structure of the language you are programming in. The official introduction to Python is:

Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language. It has efficient high-level data structures and a simple but effective approach to object-oriented programming. Python’s elegant syntax and dynamic typing, together with its interpreted nature, make it an ideal language for scripting and rapid application development in many areas on most platforms.