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Under general supervision, work as an independent team research leader and help in the training and mentorship of students in the laboratory. Act as key member of a UCD SVM feline infectious peritonitis research team. The overall goal of this project is to identify effective and safe antiviral compounds through in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo studies. Identify one or more antiviral compounds with strong efficacy and safety profiles in feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV)-infected cats. Master’s degree in the biological sciences OR clinical degree (DVM, MD).

General knowledge of biology, microbiology, virology, bacteriology, chemistry and immunology.

Skills to organize a research lab and document procedures and

Skills to perform sterile handling of samples and biological safety cabinet.

Diplomacy skills to effectively work with a wide variety of people (academic, staff, and students).

Skill to develop and optimize new techniques and ability to learn new techniques as they are developed.

General laboratory maintenance experience working with biohazardous waste, calculating dilutions, preparing buffers/solutions, autoclaving glassware.

Excellent record keeping

Interpersonal, oral and written communication skills to communicate technical issues/solutions and to work with research biologists.

Excellent animal handling skills and the ability to work safety and confidently around animals.

Skills to prepare buffers and to pipette accurately.

Experience with preparing and logging biological samples for cryostorage.

Experience maintaining accurate databases for retrieval.

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Interpersonal and oral communication skills.

Knowledge of safety requirements for the laboratory.

Experience with word processing and spreadsheet

Skills to work as a member of a research team.

Molecular biology skills- extensive experience with standard PCR, real time RT PCR, isolation of nucleic acids, cloning, gel electrophoresis, plasmid purification, transfection.

Experience with tissue culture/viral culture/plaque assay.

Mentoring skills.

Experience with blood processing- Ficol gradients, WBC counts, making differential Blood smears (CBC).

from Feed for Science related Careers @ UC Davis by SJI

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