The primary responsibility will be developing the body structures and component in the Under Body Design department.  Activities will include creating 3D designs and 2D layouts for the responsible areas.  Working in teams to develop body systems that meet or exceed customer expectations through collaboration with other design groups, test and manufacturing. 
Design areas include the following:  body structural elements for the engine room, floor, and bumper;  styled parts (hood, grill, fr…

from Honda – Custom Job List

About Honda

Founded in 1948 in Hamamatsu, Japan, Honda opened its first U.S. storefront in Los Angeles, CA, in 1959. What began as a nimble operation with eight industrious associates would quickly grow to astounding heights.

For nearly four decades Honda has challenged to exceed government requirements – as the first automaker to meet the Clean Air Act standards in the 1970s, then demonstrating low-emissions vehicle technology that led the state of California to adopt new, more stringent emissions regulations.