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The Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University is seeking an experienced and highly motivated Postdoctoral Fellow. The Postdoctoral Research Associate will be responsible for activities required to support the goals of research sponsored by Tympanogen in materials science and engineering. Tympanogen is a medical device startup in the Biotech Park that develops ear, nose, and throat devices and wound-healing therapies.

o The Postdoctoral Research Associate will work in the Tympanogen lab full-time.

o Specifically, duties include:

• Facilitate research and development in the laboratory to make a scale model and a 2X scale model of a human adult and child’s ear canal featuring an eardrum replica.

• Develop protocols compatible with FDA 510K regulations to use with the models as a training simulator for ENT physicians, fellows, and residents.

• Utilize state-of-the-art additive manufacturing techniques, such as advanced 3D printing, to develop robust and near lifelike model systems.

• Identify relevant technologies to bring to bear on the project so it can be completed in a timely fashion.

• Execute prescribed protocols as outlined by supervisor in a timely and organized manner

• Consistently record detailed experimental results in laboratory notebooks

• Participate in lab functions essential to maintaining overall laboratory efficiency and safety.

• Perform monitoring and preventative maintenance of laboratory equipment related to ear canal project

• Clean, set up, and store equipment related to ear canal project

• Stock needed raw materials. -Perform general clerical tasks necessary for daily operation of laboratory

• Perform routine laboratory tests and experimental procedures

• Carry out research with experiments that are more complex, instrumentation and procedures, as needed.

• Compile results of experiments and report weekly to supervisor

• Carry out other research-related duties as needed

• Work with the team to develop an improved applicator system for placing materials of interest near the eardrum.

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