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A PhD project, funded by an EPSRC DTP award, is available to work in the Bulk Superconductivity Group in the University of Cambridge (

Desktop NMR using permanent magnets is a growing market segment. The performance of NMR systems is enhanced by larger magnetic fields, but larger fields require wire wound superconducting magnets. The aim of this project would be to develop bulk superconducting materials suitable for replacing permanent magnets in these applications to provide larger magnetic fields, without the expense and complexity of a conventional wire wound superconducting magnet.

Specifically, the student would be involved in the production and optimisation of cuprate bulk superconductor materials in the form of large ring-shaped samples, their characterisation and the application of these materials to a practical superconducting magnet.

EPSRC DTP studentships are fully-funded (fees and maintenance) for UK students or provide fees only for EU students from outside the UK, subject to eligibility requirements. Further details about eligibility can be found at:

To apply for this studentship in the first instance, please send your two page CV, and your academic transcript to Dr John Durrell – – to arrive no later than 1 March 2020.

Please note that any offer of funding will be conditional on securing a place as a PhD student. Candidates will need to apply separately for admission through the University’s Graduate Admissions application portal; this can be done before or after applying for this funding opportunity. Note that there is a £65 fee for PhD applications. The applicant portal can be accessed via: If accepted applicants would need to make a formal application by 31 March 2020.

The University actively supports equality, diversity and inclusion and encourages applications from all sections of society.

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