Department of Interior Design

Assistant Professor (tenure-track): Teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, pursuing peer-reviewed scholarly and creative inquiry, and providing service to the department, school, university, and community are foundational expectations. The standard tenure-track faculty workload is 65% teaching, 25% research, scholarship or creative activity and 10% service. The typical tenure-track faculty teaching assignment is one studio and one lecture/seminar per semester. This Assistant Professor will lead studio and classroom instruction, create curriculum material, construct syllabi, assess student knowledge and skills, advise students, and provide other scholastic achievement guidance.

Visiting Assistant Professor (1-3 years): Perform the same functions as the Assistant Professor (tenure-track) with the exception of pursuing scholarly and creative inquiry. The Visiting Assistant Professor will teach 18-22 credit hours per year with an assignment of two studios, or one studio and one lecture/seminar per semester.

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