Job Summary: 
Review, interpret, clarify, verify, dispense, and compound medications and other pharmaceutical supplies pursuant to a prescription in a retail pharmacy setting.
Detailed Description:
Accurately and efficiently complete all components of processing, verifying and dispensing a prescription.  Maintain records of the transactions of the pharmacy as required by state and federal law and as necessary to maintain adequate control and accountability of all drugs. Contribute…

from MU Health Care – Custom Job List

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No matter what type of care you need, from a simple screening to a complex kidney transplant surgery, you can find it at University of Missouri Health Care.

At an academic health center like MU Health Care, physicians from every field of medicine work together to offer comprehensive care. Our patients have access to the latest treatments and research. Our team approach takes into account all your needs, so that in good or poor health, you receive personalized attention.

Our expert physicians offer a wide depth and breadth of services, from preventive health care to treatment for serious illnesses or injuries. We treat all patients who come to us with advanced procedures, giving you access to:

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As an academic health center, MU Health Care is home to groundbreaking research that has made us an international health care destination. From three new, FDA-approved cancer treatments to the first and only biological treatment for joint pain, MU Health Care physicians help patients, across Missouri and around the world, receive leading-edge care.

Our researchers, scientists and physicians work together to provide bench-to-bedside treatment. These treatments give you access to truly personalized medicine based on factors as specific as the DNA of cancer tumors. As the home of a research reactor, we are able to pursue innovative research and make advanced, customized treatments right here in Missouri.

As a patient at MU Health Care, you benefit from the latest research and medical evidence. Your physicians are on the leading edge of medical care, helping you get the answers you are looking for and the treatments you need to heal.