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Within the predetermined research scope and methodology, conduct research experiments in the field of cardiovascular physiology, mechanisms of ischemic injury,
organ preservation and preclinical testing of drugs. The research involves animal
handling and surgery, therefore, prior experience working with rodents and larger
animals is preferred. Prior experience with reanimating the research animal hearts
on Langendorff perfusion system is preferred. The experimental process includes the use of models of myocardial ischemia, measurement s of physiological data and requires tissue/sample collection for further analysis using molecular biology and biochemical techniques. Collect and analyze data, including periodical/literature search and utilizing specialized skills in related field to analyze the collected data.

Applicant must be proficient in scientific writing, assist with manuscript writing for
publication in scientific journals and/or presentations. May also assist in grant writing.

The position requires also a good maintenance of the lab and equipment, and ordering of supplies as needed. Other duties will be assigned as needed.

from Virginia Commonwealth University: All Jobs