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Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), department of Chemical and Life Sciences Engineering has an open postdoctoral position. VCU, in collaboration with MIT has received funding from DARPA to undertake a novel continuous process for the production of the antibiotic, Ciprofloxacin from chemical starting materials through to a formulated oral solid dosage product. This project offers the unique opportunity to participate in a regulatory filing for the first ever continuous process from registered API starting materials to formulated product. The project will utilize the recently publicized Pharmacy on Demand platform developed at MIT to enable the first aNDA filing for such a continuous process.

The research project will involve the process chemistry development, reaction engineering, process understanding and experimental protocols required to demonstrate understanding and control of the process. This opportunity offers the post-doctoral scholar a unique training opportunity which will be difficult to obtain elsewhere, namely working across the chemistry, crystallization, physical properties, and formulation technologies space, to develop a control strategy for a continuous process destined for a regulatory filing.

The successful applicant will need to be interested with mentoring and supporting graduate and undergraduate students and have the skills to do so, as well as work in collaboration with a larger and more diverse group of scientists working on the project at other sites.

from Virginia Commonwealth University: All Jobs